Coffee with James

James Nolan talks with a constituent at Slave to the Grind

The Slave to the Grind Coffee Meet And Greet was a huge success this morning it was great to interact with residents of District 15 Yonkers and Bronxville. Thank you to our wonderful host for having us and allowing us to hold the event for the community. I had a great time meeting everyone and hearing their concerns and also letting everyone know what I am running on and for. Being a public figure and community servant is much more then sitting on zoom calls we must let the people know who we are and that we work for them, we must be seen. I will always support local small businesses and help them succeed!

Westchester County Drag Racing Plan

Drag Racing Task Force
When I am elected Westchester County Legislator for District 15 Yonkers & Bronxville I will propose and form a multi-jurisdiction police task force to combat the illegal drag races, car meets, noise ordnance, and illegal car activities that take place. Drag racing and car meets has been a problem in Westchester County for decades especially in Yonkers and in District 15. I will make sure that the safety of the public comes first and that we will no longer become victims to the illegal and dangerous actions like this.
People that conduct these actions will be prosecuted once a judge finds them guilty, their vehicles will be confiscated and sold at auction, jail time will be handed down, along with severe fines. The task force will not only go after the drivers but also the organizers, promoters, and supporters that are involved.I have shown proof of the dangerous acts and what they race for.
I will work with police from Westchester County and different municipalities to ensure funding for the operations and technology that is needed without raising taxes. When I am elected I will make sure that my colleagues will put the public safety before a dollar amount, we will not play party politics but we will do what’s needed for the residents.
I have advocated for years to implement The Drag Racing Forfeiture Law passed in many municipalities and it is now in Albany to go statewide. I will not let anyone else become a victim of any type of violence when I am elected to the Board of Legislators. I am a Yonkers person and this is my home I was born here, raised here, I work here, and I will raise children here. I will make sure it’s a better place for them and everyone in our community!

June Fundraiser Announcement


On Thursday June 17th, 2021 please join us at Ernie’s Wine Bar & Eats in Bronxville, NY from 6:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m for my campaign fundraiser. This night will be a great night and I would like to thank Bronxville’s Mayor Mary Marvin and Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Mike Breen for hosting the event for me it is an honor and privilege. I hope to see you there and if there are any questions please contact me for details. In order to sponsor or attend please mail checks to “Friends Of James Nolan” 4287 Katonah Ave Bronx, NY 10470 STE 283 or you can pay online at the link provided below, help spread the word!

Westchester County Correction Superior Officers Association Endorsement

Westchester county corrections superior officers association Endorsement

I am proud to announce that I am being endorsed by the Westchester County Correction Superior Officers Association. Thank you for believing in me and I promise to represent your members in the best way possible. Members of WCCSOA have a difficult job keeping the jails safe and running efficiently. I will work close with the brave men and women to help ensure that they have a strong voice and I will work hard to keep them safe and protected.

Fundraiser for Judge Quinones

Judge Quinones Fundraiser

I had a great time the other night with Jen Oelkers and Bill Roza as we supported a great person Judge Quinones and his campaign!

Jordanian Flag Raising Ceremony

Jordanian Flag Raising

Today I attended Jordan’s 75th Independence Day Flag Raising at Yonkers City Hall hosted by Nader Sayegh, New York State Assemblyman. It was great being a part of attending and celebrating Jordan’s Independence! 

Lots of Campaign Walking!

James Nolan walking

I went walking door to door for hours meeting the great residents of Bronxville, New York and receiving great feedback from the voters. When I am elected Westchester County Legislator for District 15 this great community will have the voice that they need and deserve. I look forward to interacting and being apart of this community that has been forgotten for about the last two years! 

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