Teamsters Endorsement


I am excited and grateful to announce that I am being endorsed by Teamsters Local 456 which I humbly accepted. The Teamsters 456 represent the many great and hardworking men and women that make Yonkers and Westchester County operate efficiently day in and day out. I look forward to working with and representing the Teamsters and their members as I will bring a real voice for labor to Westchester County when I am elected Legislator for District 15 Yonkers & Bronxville on November 2nd. I will stand my ground for what is right and what is needed. I am a proud card carrying union member myself which my whole life I learned the value of working for what you want and being a union member is an honor. I wear my boots every day at work and when I am elected I will continue to wear them and also wear a suit inside the Board Of Legislator chambers. I will represent my fellow union members to make sure they are treated fairly and represented to the best of my ability. It is time to bring a balance and finical stability to Westchester County once again. Thank you for believing in me I promise to work tirelessly because you aren’t just an endorsement to me I see all union members and their families for the people they are, help spread the word!

A Message to Small Businesses

I want to hear from the small business owners on what can help you succeed in Westchester County. Unlike my opponent who tried to shut down a small small business during the pandemic after being open for 28 years because she had a personal vengeance by abusing her power. I want to help businesses succeed and grow in our community. The abuse of power in this community will come to an end when I am elected to the Board Of Legislators on November 2nd. I will also not abuse my power like my opponent did and invite friends from other towns to set up illegal pop up shops to compete against businesses in District 15. The days of self serving politicians and a one party rule will come to an end when I am elected as your next Westchester County Legislator for District 15 and it begins with your support!

Sleep Act

My opponent spoke at a press conference about the Sleep Act going statewide. This law would penalize vehicle owners for having loud mufflers.
I’m happy to see my opponent advocate for a law that I have personally advocated for and work to pass successfully in Yonkers and seven other municipalities in Westchester County starting in 2017. She is an elected official that doesn’t even know local laws in her own district that are in place because of my work and what I have accomplished. This is more then just a sound piece for me. I have lived it and I was able to advocate successful legislation that’s already in place for a few years now. Better late than never, nice try!

Our Fundraiser was a success!

I would like to say thank you to everyone that came out and showed support for another successful campaign event last night. Thank you to Ernie’s Wine Bar, Bronxville’s Mayor Marvin, and Yonkers City council Minority Leader Mike Breen for hosting and supporting my campaign to become the next Westchester County Legislator for District 15. One step at a time with hard work we will become one step closer to victory with your support!

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