He Fights For
The People

JAMES has advocated for safer streets, and is responsible for the passage
of various laws and initiatives to outlaw activities that put our residents at
risk. He will fight to make Westchester affordable by holding the line on
property taxes and advocate for responsible but effective spending.

Meet James

James Nolan is a lifelong Yonkers resident. As a private citizen, he
has already been a major player in advocating for the passage of
various Quality of Life legislation, keeping illegal firearms off the
streets and making our roadways safer for our residents. James is
constantly involved in community service, and has always had our
backs. When elected, he plans on bringing his energy to the BOARD
OF LEGISLATORS, and accomplish a lot more for all of us.

James' Priorities

James is a law & order, quality of life, hands-on candidate. He plans on working tirelessly to bring proper representation to District 15, fighting for law enforcement, lower taxes, supporting unions, combatting homelessness, seniors, families, and public safety. James is an active proponent of cracking down on illegal weapons and firearms to keep our streets safer, and will continue the fight when elected.


Westchester republican county committee
Yonkers Republican city Committee
yonkers young republicans

Former District 15 County Legislator Gordon Burrows

Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin

Former Tuckahoe Mayor Greg Luisi

Mike Breen Endorsement

District 5 Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen

Westchester county corrections superior officers association

Winning requires a team effort

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“I’m glad that The Partiso decided to visit the Siemens plant in Steele Creek. I pass this plant every day on my way to work.”

Don Joe


“I would like to support your ideas to make a better future for us and our children. Thank you for the work you do for our citizens!”

Sandra Watson


“Thank you for fighting against employees’ rights negligence. This used to be a huge issue at our plant, but now it gets much better.”

Daniel Green


Elect Someone Who Will Represent YOU

James will always fight for you, and make sure you are heard

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